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Partnerships make a difference to health and well-being where help is most needed

The IFPMA World Health Partnerships Directory is a database of partnerships between the research-based pharmaceutical industry and actors across all fields of global health; working together to meet current health needs and strengthen health systems in LMICs. With over 250 active case-studies currently profiled, the IFPMA Directory is the largest resource of its kind, with programs that impact every country in the world. 

These health partnerships bring together governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, private sector companies,  universities and foundations to improve the lives of people suffering from diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), as well as cross-cutting challenges like women and children’s health.

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What Health Partnerships do?


Black Sky L37 Sunny L37 Sky Black Sunny L37 Build stronger health systems, improve healthcare access, health awareness and training...

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Pioneer innovative tools and approaches...

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Improve scientific knowledge of in low and middle income countries and discover new medicines and vaccines

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Help economies grow by improving health in developing countries...

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Partnerships in Motion

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What do you think about?

Why don’t health partnerships make news?

Partnership in Focus

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Partnership Voices

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  • Florence Ngobeni

    I have HIV/AIDS and I was devastated when I lost my daughter to AIDS. Thanks to EGPAF, I felt confident to become pregnant again, sure that I was going to have an HIV-negative child.

    Sunny L37 L37 L37 Black Sky Sky Sunny Black Sunny L37 Sky Black L37 Black Sunny L37 Sky Florence Ngobeni , Mother and HIV Trainer , Organizations fighting against HIV/AIDS Weitzman Weitzman Boots Stuart Stuart Boots Booties ZRRH5xwqt

  • Tsiyon Tariku

    My life has changed for the better. I have continued my education and got a shot to prevent early pregnancy. We give advice to young people who married early, hoping they will follow our example.

    Tsiyon Tariku , DSW Family Planning Beneficiary

  • Chen Lee

    I think the disease is kind of a trial for me. I am looking forward to a brand-new life more than ever before, to face up to the difficulties optimistically and proactively. Hardship cannot beat me as long as I deal with things with an upbeat attitude.

    Chen Lee , MDR-TB Survivor , China

  • L37 L37 Sunny Black Black Sunny L37 Sky Sky Crystelle Telus

    Not only am I learning, personally. But I love what I do because it has a social impact.  

    Crystelle Telus , Quality Control Technician , Nourimanba Facility

  • Robert D. Newman

    If you look at the countries with the highest malaria burden and you look at the places where people are living on less than 1.25 dollars a day those countries are related. Malaria is both a contributor to keeping countries in poverty and poor countreis are less able to fight malaria. We are at this juncture where we either keep accelerating forward or we risk being swept backwards.

    Robert D. Newman , Director, Global Malaria Programme , World Health Organization

  • Angela Malik

    At the center we tell them that they are children. Let them behave like children. There are people, adults, who can care for them, who love them. Whatever dreams they had with their parents, those dreams should not die now. 

    Angela Malik , Director , Kondwa Orphanage

  • Dawi Denku

    I couldn't see. My eyes were crying all the time. For ten years I was not able to take care of my home and grandchildren. Since my surgery 9 months ago I'm releived and in a hurry to go to the market  - doing the daily work I used to do.

    Dawi Denku , Patient , Ethiopia

  • Cheinabih

    Now that she is doing better, I feel less stressed than before. I used to watch over her night after night. It exhausted me. 

    Cheinabih , Mother of woman with schizophrenia , Mauritania

  • L37 Sunny Sky Black Sky L37 Sunny Black L37 Jim Barrington

    We said, if we could develop a way where you could see, every week, the exact stock level of medicine in all of your health facilities –would that help solve the problem? 

    Black Black L37 Sunny L37 Sky L37 Sky Sunny Jim Barrington , SMS For Life

  • Joao da Silva

    We take advantage of the knowledge existing here, and we have everything condensed in the same space. We have the chemists, the biochemists, the biologists; we have the support from all the departments.

    Joao da Silva , Open Lab Scientist , North Eastern University

  • Jean-Claude Mbanya

    Partnership is the key and we have all over the world people who have sacrificed time, money and everything to ensure that no child dies because they have Type 1 diabetes.

    Jean-Claude Mbanya , President , International Diabetes Foundation

  • Sunny Sky L37 Black Sunny Black L37 L37 Sky Madine Nakanjako

    My husband was HIV positive; I was not. I told my husband, “They said you must not have sex with me without a condom.” And he said, “If I didn’t infect you in all those years we’ve been together, it means I can’t infect you now.” Then he asked me, “Do you really love me?” I said, “I love you, but I also want to live.” We fought for two months, until he convinced me like a man does.

    Madine Nakanjako , Wife of HIV+ Patient , Uganda

  • David Reddy

    MMV's role is to meet unmet medical needs in malaria by discovering new medicinces for malaria. In the last five years we have been successful in bringing four new medicines to market. One for children, one for severe malaria and two new gold standard treatments.

    David Reddy , Chief Executive Officer L37 Sky Sunny Sunny Black Sky L37 Black L37 , Medicines for Malaria Venture

  • Hernando Caseria Jr.

    I had a patient who for five months remained positive for TB. When I told him that he was negative, I saw the joy in his eyes… When this happens, other patients notice and they will applaud as the patient goes to the tent for the negatives. They will give the patient a standing ovation. 

    Hernando Caseria Jr. , Nurse , Lung Center of the Philippines

  • Raquel Gutierrez

    It’s a horrible disease, very painful for them. I was torn to see her like that. I suffered a lot from seeing her like that and she has died because of this disease. I saw so many mothers suffering because of this illness… kids struggling to get better. Having the vaccine now, many mothers will stop suffering. We will feel better.

    Raquel Gutierrez , Mother , Nicaragua

  • Ignacio

    When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with arthritis. What bothered me about the disease was the pain and the fever. Sometimes I felt sad, because I couldn’t play with my friends. 

    Ignacio , Juvenile Arthritis Patient , Argentina

  • Fathimath Himya
    Grey Stuart Platform Booties Sueded Heel Black Weitzman Skyline Boots r5TXrw

    The initiative did not come from the headquarters; it came from the communities itself. So we saw in some communities they promoted physical activity and they were promoting healthy diet. 

    Fathimath Himya , Senior Program Officer , Maldivian Red Crescent Boots The Suede Booties Lowland Stuart Londra Knee Weitzman Over xvpHqSR

  • Fidelis Cho-Ngwa

    This is the type of “filaria” that blinds people and it is a highly debilitating disease that weakens people. It’s a disease that does not kill its patients acutely—directly—but it kills somehow. Because if average life expectancy is reduced by 15 years for the infected comparatively, then you see it as a killer. 

    Fidelis Cho-Ngwa , Head of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , University of Buea, Cameroon

  • Phum

    An infected person who is aware of being sick, but who doesn’t know about leprosy, often ignores and hides it. We can’t help this person. We need to change the community mentality, and bring solidarity. 

    Phum , Health Worker , Kandal Province Cambodia

  • Beneficiary of Diabetes at School Program

    When I start feeling bad, I wish someone would notice and know what to do. I wish the people around would understand me better and help me. 

    Beneficiary of Diabetes at School Program , Turkey

  • Denise Horato

    I could assess the impact this has for the children and their families. Our contribution to them is important so please continue with this good initiative, I am very proud of this.

    Denise Horato , Roche Brazil

  • Bob Einterz

    Sunny Black Sky Sky Black Sunny L37 L37 L37 What we’re attempting to do with home-based testing is to find every individual infected with HIV, link them into a care system—the AMPATH care system, start them on therapy and then retain them in care.   

    Bob Einterz , Executive Director Sky Black Sky Black L37 Sunny L37 L37 Sunny , AMPATH Consortium

  • Jill Sheffield

    Investing in women is not only the right thing to do, but it makes enormous economic sense. 

    L37 Black Sky Sky Black L37 Sunny L37 Sunny Jill SheffieldSandals Choo Wedge Black strap T Suede Kascade Jimmy 0na6wRqq , President , Women Deliver

  • Suraj

    The program has provided training to many other adolescents like me who can go into their communities and provide some solutions to their problems.

    Suraj , Young Health Program Peer Educator , India

  • Olga Popova

    The strength of partnerships and collaboration has to be at the highest speed possible; this is something that we have never lived through before.  

    Olga Popova , Director Government Affairs , Johnson & Johnson’s Crucell

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