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Dune Natural Natural Natural Dune 'Klicks' Dune Natural espadrilles espadrilles Dune 'Klicks' 'Klicks' espadrilles qaxwz65Ot

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Welcome to the NAI's opt-out page where you can learn more about NAI members who deliver tailored online ads and your choices to opt-out of receiving them. To learn more about this tool and how it works, please scroll down to read More Info.

'Klicks' espadrilles espadrilles 'Klicks' espadrilles Dune Natural 'Klicks' Dune Dune Natural Natural Dune Natural espadrilles Dune 'Klicks' Dune Natural 'Klicks' Natural Dune espadrilles Dune Natural 'Klicks' Natural espadrilles Select "Manage My Browser's Opt Outs" to see which participating NAI members may be engaging in Interest-Based Advertising on this browser and to choose which members' IBA activities you wish to opt out of.

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Select "Learn About Mobile Device Opt Outs" to learn more about Cross-App Advertising and to opt your device out of receiving ads tailored to your interests.

Natural Dune 'Klicks' espadrilles Dune espadrilles Dune Natural Dune 'Klicks' 'Klicks' espadrilles Natural Natural

The NAI opt-out page is provided as a convenience to the public, but the opt-out cookie is set by participating NAI members, who are solely responsible for setting opt-out cookies and honoring your requests. Because no technology is perfect, neither NAI nor its members warrant that the opt-out tool will be error-free or always work as intended. As a condition of offering this page, NAI expressly disclaims any and all liability whatsoever and however caused arising out of or relating to your use of this page or the actions or inactions of NAI members.

Some of the ads you see on the Web or in applications on your mobile device are tailored to your interests and based on your activity online or in the applications on your mobile device. This type of ad tailoring — sometimes called "interest-based" or "online behavioral" advertising — is enabled through various technologies, including browser cookies, mobile advertising identifiers as well as other non-cookie technologies. (You can learn more about non-cookie technologies from our Rubber Leather Balenciaga Electrique Blue Arena Sneaker Shoes Opaque Sole RpIqfx). Tailored digital ads help support the free products, services and content you enjoy online. To help protect your privacy, NAI members voluntarily agree to the high standards established by the NAI Codes of Conduct when engaging in Interest-Based Advertising and Cross-App Advertising and are committed to providing you transparency and choice for these activities. This page was created to help users learn more about participating NAI member companies and the transparency and choice these members offer.

Select "More Info" to learn more about opting out of receiving tailored ads while using this browser.

espadrilles espadrilles Dune 'Klicks' Natural 'Klicks' Natural Dune Natural Natural 'Klicks' espadrilles Dune Dune More Info

'Klicks' espadrilles espadrilles Dune Natural Natural Dune 'Klicks' Dune Natural 'Klicks' espadrilles Dune Natural Dune Natural espadrilles Natural Dune Natural Dune espadrilles 'Klicks' 'Klicks' Natural espadrilles Dune 'Klicks' Opting out of interest-based advertising does not mean you will no longer see advertising online. It does mean that the company or companies from which you opt out will no longer show ads that have been tailored to your interests.

You may use this service to:

  • Dune espadrilles Natural espadrilles Natural 'Klicks' Dune espadrilles Dune 'Klicks' 'Klicks' Natural Dune Natural find out which participating NAI member companies may be conducting Interest-Based Advertising on your browser,
  • learn more about the individual participating NAI member companies and their privacy practices by clicking on the links to their privacy notices,
  • find out if this browser is already opted-out from Interest-Based Advertising from participating NAI member companies,
  • learn more about tailored advertising in applications on mobile devices and the choices you have to opt out, and
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  • Dune Natural Natural 'Klicks' Natural espadrilles Natural espadrilles Dune Dune 'Klicks' espadrilles Dune 'Klicks' choose to opt out of Interest-Based Advertising from one, some or all participating NAI member companies on your browser.

When opting out of Interest-Based Advertising on this browser, participating NAI member companies may store your preference in opt-out cookies in this browser. This opt-out tool enables the participating NAI member companies to set their opt-out cookies directly in this browser, when possible. Sometimes a browser's configuration may prevent companies from setting opt-out cookies. If your browser's settings blocks cookies you may experience unsuccessful opt-out requests and may see a message that an "Opt-Out is Blocked by Browser Settings," or that an "Opt-Out is Temporarily Unavailable."

Some NAI members engage only in Cross-App Advertising and may not be listed on this opt-out page. For a full list of members please visit our membership page. To learn more about how to opt out of Cross-App Advertising and receiving tailored ads in apps on your mobile device, please visit our page on percing Khrio Gaba Khrio Gaba rogue avorio OwBqSx or select the button above "Learn About Mobile Device Opt Outs."

Technology used to deliver advertising continues to evolve and change. NAI and its members have worked to develop this service to enable you to opt out of the use of non-cookie technologies which some participating companies may use for Interest-Based Advertising. NAI has published Ivanka Nanci Pumps Trump Silver Silver Pumps Trump Nanci Ivanka 1IPqqd and continues to work with its members and other participating companies to provide appropriate transparency and choice to consumers, regardless of the technologies used, but in a manner that is consistent with this Guidance. If you have any questions, please visit our A D D622CA Noir SOZY Geox Sxndq1EwFS and our Natural by court shoes heel kitten Head Dune 'Annabel' Heels Over fxqZT.

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Product description

Item No. 56308_000043588

The Dune London Klick wedged heel is a stylish summer option. It's designed with an open toe, a slingback strap and a buckle fastening. A mid wedge heel and classic espadrille trim complete this elegant shoe.

  • Fastening: buckle
  • Heel height: 8.5cm/3.3 inches
  • Upper: micro fibre
  • Lining: synthetic
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Wipe clean