Wide Perkins argo fit buckle Dorothy boots 75xFw7d court stiletto satin shoes Dune mid heel 'Breaann' Ivory 102: The Magic of Compounding 103: Investing for the Long Run 104: What Matters and What Doesn't 105: The Purpose of a Company Louboutin Patent Black Pigalle Plato Christian Pumps ZAHFxqcw 107: Introduction to Financial Statements 108: Learn the Lingo--Basic Ratios Slingback Leather Cognac Booties Pump Perforated Boots Prada ZqUBnztwwBone Booties Boots Rag amp; Black Cgq50
Courses '200'
201: Stocks and Taxes
Noir Minnetonka bootie Double 2299 G Fringe HUXqC
203: Understanding the News
204: Start Thinking Like an Analyst
205: Economic Moats
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Courses '300'
301: The Income Statement
302: The Balance Sheet
303: The Statement of Cash Flows
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Courses '400'
401: Understanding Value
402: Using Ratios and Multiples
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404: Putting DCF into Action
405: The Fat-Pitch Strategy
406: Using Morningstar's Rating for Stocks
mid Dune shoes 'Breaann' satin stiletto Ivory heel court
407: Psychology and Investing
408: The Case for Dividends
409: The Dividend Drill
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Courses '500'
heel mid satin Dune court Ivory stiletto shoes 'Breaann' 501: Constructing a Portfolio
502: Introduction to Options
503: Unconventional Equities
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505: Great Investors: Philip Fisher
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Item No. 56308_000043962

Enhance your occasion wear look with Dune London's 'Breaann' court shoe. Offset with an elegant beaded charm and modern pointed toe. The slimline stiletto heel lends a feminine finish.

  • Fastening: slip-on
  • Heel height: 8.0cm/3.1 inches
  • Upper: satin
  • Lining: synthetic
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  • Wipe clean
stiletto shoes 'Breaann' Dune Ivory heel satin mid court
Course 302: The Balance Sheet
Noncurrent Liabilities
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In this course
1 Introduction
2 Assets, Liabilities, and Equity--It All Equals Out
3 Current Assets
4 Noncurrent Assets
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6 Noncurrent Liabilities
7 embellished Red Carvela pointed court 'Lively' shoes toe AEqq8
8 The Bottom Line
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Ivory 'Breaann' shoes court satin Dune mid stiletto heel
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Noncurrent liabilities are the flip side of noncurrent assets. These liabilities represent money the company owes one year or more in the future. Although you'll see a variety of line items in this category, the most important one by far is long-term debt.

Long-Term Debt. This represents money the company has borrowed, typically by issuing bonds, that doesn't need to be paid back for several years. Too much long-term debt is generally risky for a company, because the interest on debt must be repaid no matter how the business is doing. Determining how much debt is too much is very firm-specific and depends on many things including the interest rate a company pays on its debt, and the stability of the firm's earnings and cash flows. One good way to determine if a company can afford the interest payments on its debt is to see how many times the firm's operating income--otherwise known as income before interest and taxes (EBIT)--will cover its interest expenses (interest coverage ratio).

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mid satin Ivory court heel shoes Dune 'Breaann' stiletto
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